Fenix – the legendary bird who rose from the ashes. Or, in this case, the incredible brown stallion – full brother to a champion filly who died unexpectedly at age four.

The story starts there – with the beautiful Madrilena – a daughter of *Rey de la Solana (*Laurel x *Surena) and *Mariangola (Carnival x *Faraona.) Born in 1975, she was a star even as a foal -winning many classes. Then, tragically, she died on April 26, 1979 after foaling. A few days later on May 8th, her full brother was born – a strong, handsome and energetic brown colt – the epitome of a definitely masculine model of his sister. It seemed fitting to name him Fenix. It was also fitting that he followed in his sister’s successful show career – in fact, exceeding it by winning many championships and pisos titles. He became one of the first stallions in the Peruvian breed to be syndicated. And that, too, was fitting. Even though he had a stellar show career, his greatest impact on the breed was as a sire.

“The first photo I took of a Peruvian Horse was one of Fenix at the Southwest Show at the John Justin Arena. Jeanelle was leading him on a leadline and letting him graze on some grass. He was as black as the ace of spades and sparkled in the sun. I thought he was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen,” recalled Peruvian Digest Editor Donna Bearer

Fenix touched everyone who met him. He was what cowboys call “an honest
horse” – strong, good tempered, willing, just, proud and full of energy. But he was also an incredibly good Peruvian Horse – with plenty of brio, excellent conformation and superb pisos. These are the traits he passed on to his 237 direct sons and daughters

– and 477 descendants! On February 18, Fenix was euthanized due to a colic impaction. At 28 years old, he was sound and otherwise healthy. His best friends for the last 18 years, Lucho and Jeanelle Dapelo, made the difficult decision not to put him through any more pain or surgery. He is buried on the farm beneath the pecan tress with a marker so that he will never be forgotten. Anyone who knew him or knows him through his offspring knows Fenix will never be forgotten.